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Privacy and Copyrights

Privacy and Copyrights of the MolanaJameel.com

This is privacy and copyrights guide line for users:

MolanaJameel.com is an Faith Spreading site freely available for any internet user to view, share and display the content submitted by them there is no copy write at all. We do not host any content solely on our website although our users and public contributors do submit content in form of embedded videos which are gathered from various websites like Youtube, Dailymotion Etc. MolanaJameel.com do not gather any visitor info at all.

We use most of content for knowledge sharing purpose at MolanaJameel.com, in Islam there have no copyright concept, every one can share it for faith spreading purpose. However we at MolanaJameel.com strictly complies with copyrights of third parties and content owners. Therefore, if any individual, group or company believes that their content has been posted on MolanaJameel.com without their consent. They can contact us on our at contact form and we will ensure you our immediate and strict action accordingly.